Large cooperatives at the forefront of the recovery

COVID-19 has severely impacted world economies and businesses, cooperatives and non-cooperatives alike. But cooperatives are particularly well placed to help economies recover from this crisis.

The 2021 edition of the World Cooperative Monitor features an article on large cooperatives and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a follow-up to the chapter in the 2020 edition (download below). This report provides encouraging indications that cooperative actions during the pandemic’s recovery phase can usher in an economic model that is more sustainable and inclusive. 

A preview of the "Large cooperatives at the forefront of the recovery" chapter was released on Coops Day 2021. Watch the video of Euricse Secretary General, Gianluca Salvatori presenting the research.

The 2020 chapter discusses some of the effects the global pandemic has had on the cooperative sector, along with some of the ways in which cooperatives and policymakers have responded. The chapter highlights some concrete actions large cooperatives have taken and includes a case story about Smart (Belgium) and their actions towards helping their members, primarily from the culture and creative arts sector.