Digitalization and Large Cooperatives

2022 Special Focus - Digitalization and Cooperative Identity

The World Cooperative Monitor team works closely with the International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT), a group of large coopera­tives engaged with the ICA in the study and deepening of various issues related to the cooperative world. A collaboration has begun to integrate cooperative issues of the moment with the WCM to stimulate strategic action through best practice sharing amongst ICETT members, the top 300 cooperatives and mutuals and the wider cooperative movement.

Besides the economic and employment data of the Top 300 cooperatives and mutuals at the global level, the WCM 2022 edition will give special attention to the topic of digitalization and in particular the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the use of digital tools. A special focus chapter based on surveys and research on national initiatives will explore, among other related topics, how participation and membership engagement has changed with the increased use of digital tools. This research compliments the past chapters on Covid-19 and the SDGs, aiming to bring attention to the social dimensions of cooperation.

Recent analysis has focused on the SDGs and the response to Covid-19.