National and sector rankings

National rankings

National and sector statistics and reports are key to the development of the World Cooperative Monitor database and to enhanced business intelligence on the cooperative movement. 15 national rankings and databases with micro data on single cooperatives have been identified so far. A detailed list can be found below.

As Monique Leroux, former President of the International Cooperative Alliance, stated about the World Cooperative Monitor and statistics gathering at the ICA Global Conference in November 2017,

This is at this time the only tool that we have to look at the global movement with facts...This business intelligence report has to be fully supported by the same approach at the national level and I would also argue at the sector level...But we need to be disciplined and rigorous about the way we are putting together data.

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Existing national rankings and databases (with micro data on single cooperatives):

Country Ranking Published by
Australia National Mutual Economy Report Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM)
Colombia Desempeño Sector Cooperativo Colombiano Confecoop - Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia (COLCoop)
Finland Finnish 300+ Pellervo Society
France Panorama sectoriel des entreprises coopératives Coop FR
France/Sector La cooperation agricole et agroalimentaire Coop de France
Japan/Sector Top 10 Consumer co-operatives Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU)
Malaysia Best Malaysia 100 Index Cooperative Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission
Netherlands Dutch Cooperative Top 100 NCR, the Dutch Council for Cooperatives
New Zealand The New Zealand Co-operative Economy – Top 30 Cooperative Business New Zealand (NZ.Coop)
Spain Listado de empresas más relevantes de la Economía social Confederación Empresarial Española de la Economía Social (CEPES)
UK The UK Co-operative Economy report Co-operatives UK
USA NCB Co-op 100 National Cooperative Bank (NCB)
USA/Sector Top 100 Agriculture Cooperatives United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA)
USA/Sector Callahan & Associates
Sector ranking Global 500 International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)