The Alliance's Sectoral Organisations

International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO)

The International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance.  It exists to safeguard the interests of its member organizations, to pursue research into the latest developments in the agricultural co-operative movement, to promote mutual understanding and economic collaboration between the agricultural co-operatives on the one hand and the farmer and other types of co-operatives (eg consumers', fisheries, insurance, housing, etc) on the other, both worldwide and at local level.

As a global organisation for agricultural co-operatives the ICAO has a number of goals:

  • To exchange experience on specific activity fields by hosting international meetings such as seminars and workshops;
  • To promote the establishment of agricultural co-operatives in developing countries in order to increase food security;
  • To improve the distribution of agricultural products;
  • To take concrete action for preserving the environment.
  • To promote and encourage agricultural cooperatives, especially in the developing countries and transitional economies, and help find assistance for their establishment, when requested.
  • To survey the problems which concern agricultural cooperatives in different countries and to make recommendations regarding potential solutions

For more information on the ICAO visit www.icao.coop

International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA)

The International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. As a global organisation for co-operative banks it has four key aims:

  • To facilitate the promotion at the international and regional levels of the distinctive co-operative values of co-operative banks and of the advantages of using them over other banks;
  • To facilitate and encourage the exchange of information amongst members on key co-operative banking issues and foster inter-cooperation in the finding of solutions
  • To support regional committees and their members, individually or collectively with specific challenges;
  • To encourage inter-cooperation with other types of co-operatives and various bodies of the ICA.

For more information on the ICBA visit www.icba.coop

International organization of cooperatives in industry and services (CICOPA)

The International organisation of industrial and service cooperatives, or CICOPA, has been a sectoral organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance since 1947. Many of those cooperatives are worker cooperatives, namely cooperatives where the members are the staff of the enterprise, i.e., worker-members, being the owners of the company. CICOPA also represents social cooperatives which are specialised in the provision of services of general interest or in the reintegration, through work, of disadvantaged or marginalised workers and cooperatives of self-employed producers established in order to cooperativize common inputs or services. As the global organisation for cooperatives in industry and services, CICOPA has a number of goals:

  • ensuring the widest possible representation of national organisations around the world in industry and services,
  • lobbying, especially in the field of specific workers’ and producers’ cooperative legislation and policies,
  • promoting the development of worker and producers’ cooperatives and their representative / support organisations at the national and regional level,
  • gathering information and gradually mapping the situation of workers’ and producers’ cooperatives, 
  • ensuring a flow of information and stimulate debates among its members.

CICOPA members all around the globe affiliate 68,000 enterprises employing 4 million persons. However, there is evidence that this world phenomenon is quantitatively much wider: worker cooperatives, social cooperatives and cooperatives of self-employed producers in industry and services together employ over 16 million people worldwide.

CICOPA has two regional organisations: CECOP- CICOPA Europe and CICOPA Americas.

For more information on CICOPA visit www.cicopa.coop

Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)

Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. As a global organisation for consumer owned co-operatives it has four key aims

  • Provide members with information on relevant issues;
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of information and best practices between the members;
  • Facilitate discussions between members in view of potential co-operation;

To set the global strategy and co-ordinate and support the regional consumer co-operative sectoral structures in their work on all issues of relevance

For more information on CCW visit www.ccw.coop

International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (ICFO)

The International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (IFCO) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. As a global organisation for co-operatives in the fishing sector it has four key aims:

  • Creation of new co-operative fisheries organisations;
  • Promotion of co-operative training and education, including the production of educational material;
  • Exchange of technical information movements on a global basis.

For more information on ICFO visit www.icfo.coop

International Health Co-operative Organisation (IHCO)

The International Health Co-operative Organisation (IHCO) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. As a global organisation for co-operatives in the healthcare sector it has four key aims:

  • Provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of issues of relevant to its members;
  • Provide information to United Nations organisations, national governments, the media and the public about the nature and role of health co-operatives;
  • Promote the development of health co-operatives;
  • Collaborate with other sectoral organisations and thematic committees of the ICA.

For more information on IHCO visit www.ihco.coop to contact IHCO please visit here.

Co-operative Housing International

Co-operative Housing International is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. As a global organisation for housing co-operatives it has three key aims:

  •  To unite co operative and mutual self-help housing organisations around the globe through membership of Co-operative Housing International;
  • To represent the co operative and mutual self-help housing movement by supporting  members at a local, regional and global level;
  •  To serve our members by providing a forum for knowledge exchange.

For more information on ICA Housing visit www.housinginternational.coop

International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)

Originally established in 1922 as the insurance committee of the International Co-operative Alliance, The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) is a long established and unique global trade association representing cooperative and mutual insurers around the world. Its three key aims:

  • Promote the cooperative and mutual insurance sector globally;
  • Be a leader in providing information and services to members;
  • Represent the interests of the global cooperative and mutual insurance sector.

For more information on ICMIF visit www.icmif.org.

ICMIF is organised with an Asian and Oceania region, and with an Americas region. 

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