Promoters and institutional partners

Fundación Espriu

Fundación Espriu is the apex organization that brings together Spanish health cooperatives based on Dr. Josep Espriu’s vision, a system of healthcare services which put individuals before economic profit. Espriu’s health cooperatives allow development of social high-quality medicine in the framework of a health system co-managed by all stakeholders, where patients play an active role in the decision process and doctors can develop their job with freedom.

OCB System

Cooperatives in Brazil number 6.6 thousand with 11 million members and they provide 320 thousand direct jobs. As a differentiated business model, Brazilian cooperatives rely on the permanent support of OCB System to defend and promote their interests and rights. The system is composed of three institutions working together. The Brazilian Cooperatives Organization (OCB) is the representative entity, acting to promote the efficiency and economic and social effectiveness of cooperatives – either in Brazil or overseas. The National Service of Cooperative Learning (Sescoop) promotes actions, courses and programs for the management and social development of the cooperatives. Finally, the Brazilian National Confederation of Cooperatives (CNCoop) provides union representation of the economic category interests in the cooperativist sector with public and private agencies.

A word of thanks

The World Co-operative Monitor team would like to thank all those who contributed to the 2016 edition of the report. In particular: Ivana Catturani (UNITN/Euricse) and the FAO for contributions and feedback to the capital structure chapter; Andrea Tonini (Euricse) for assistance with data collection; Lucia Mason (Euricse) for her contributions to the graphic design; all of the Alliance staff, regional offices, and sectoral organisations for their valuable contributions and advice; Todor Ivanov (CCW) for the collaboration on the consumer co-operative section; Juhee Lee (iCoop Korea), AMANO Haruyoshi (JCCU), Federica Mamini (ANCC/Coop Italy), Robynn Shrader (National Co+op Grocers), and Paul Giudice (CoMetrics) for contributing the consumer co-operative stories; Carla Ranicki for editing the consumer co-operative stories; and all of the co-operatives, researchers and organisations that submitted or helped collect data for this edition.





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