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How the Monitor benefits your co-operative

The importance of the World Co-operative Monitor cannot be understated. Not only is it a crucial tool which we can use to raise the profile of co-operatives to policy-makers and industry professionals, but it also provides an incredibly useful starting point for researchers and academics alike. 

The World Co-operative Monitor 2016 is the fifth edition of the annual research report produced by the International Co-operative Alliance (the Alliance) with the scientific and technical support of the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse). The research, widely considered the primary source for global statistics on the economic dimensions of the co-operative movement, includes a new feature in 2016: an analysis of the capital structure of the Top 300 co-operative enterprises. Also included in this year’s edition is a special section focusing on consumer co-operatives within the wholesale and retail trade sector.

This is a remarkable achievement for a model of business that is not present on the world's stock markets and is often invisible to the economic commentators and political leaders. No wonder that one billion world's citizens have chosen to invest some part of their life in a co-operative! Co-operatives have been given a precious tool which I strongly encourage them to use to demonstrate how important our enterprise model is. Take the short amount of time needed to enter your co-op's details for the 2017 Monitor.


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